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What is active G

We will create attractive neighborhoods in Gifu.

We will create attractive neighborhoods in Gifu.

In order to add value to an infrastructure and buildings, it is important to develop an ambience that captures the essence of the relationships between people and buildings. As seen in the past,

the buildings utilizing our themes conspicuously contribute to the creation of attractive towns. For example, the fashion building, Laforet Harajuku helped Harajuku evolve into a fashion town; Ark Hills, a model of quality-of-life, multipurpose city buildings, generates bustle and activity; and Venus Fort, a theme park for women in the new Tokyo waterfront sub-center, causes a multiplier effect by drawing in more customers and revenue.

This time, when we began developing and executing the project, “World Design City GIFU,” we first thought about establishing a clear differentiation from the existing station buildings. In order to realize this, we did not simply invite popular shops and tenants to lease space, but tried to create a facility that takes advantage of Gifu’s own innate qualities of history, culture, tradition and livelihood. This building will communicate the face of the city, with images of the “New and Individualistic Gifu,” by amalgamating characteristics to be adopted with a new sense of values in this location where the people of the prefecture and citizens will come together.

The building will provide the people and the city with fresh energy emanating from the JR Gifu Station.

“Active G” is a place where the New Gifu will be created by taking advantage of the synergy that results from integrating resources with a new sense of future values. It has been developed based on three concepts focusing upon the local communities and people’s lives. The building plays the role of supplying both the people and the city with new energy from a perspective that is appropriate for the 21st century and that revitalizes the capital of the prefecture. People can feel and experience an invigorated Gifu mindset in both quality-of-life and style.

*Suggestions of a time consuming lifestyle through the art of...Takumi Kobo

*The creation of active relationships among people based on local materials...
Rakuichi Rakuza

*Establishment of a wellness terminal combining health and relaxation...
Konami Sports Club Gifu

Commercial establishments founded in Gifu where culture and technology are concentrated and people can experience Gifu life.

Commercial establishments founded in Gifu where culture and technology are concentrated and people can experience Gifu life.

Active G emphasizes the “Made in Gifu” concept throughout the infrastructure, buildings, shops, and its ambience. Visitors can literally see this concept even in the furniture and fixtures. For example, Mino Ceramic bricks and tiling decorating the walls and concourse, Hida woodworking, Mino Japanese paper for the menus of the food court, and Rakuichi Rakuza. These detailed considerations will enable people to experience the attractiveness of Gifu with each visit to the facility.

As the face of the capital of Gifu Prefecture, it is also an important role of this facility to pass along to the next generation the traits, properties, and traditions that have been acquired throughout its long history.

Something to see, touch, and hear...people can experience Gifu through various physical senses.

Active G consists of four zone concepts.

Active G is a new major type of aggregate structure, a creative commercial establishment center that consists of four zones: Takumi Kobo for art, Rakuichi Rakuza for dining, and Konami Sports Club Gifu for health; every zone creates a new attraction from various viewpoints based upon the original theme of Gifu as a city. Active G’s approach of focusing on Gifu while simultaneously reflecting people’s lives will create the ideal place where residents of the prefecture and citizens will come together. Something to see, touch, and hear...when people visit this structure, they experience Gifu with all their five senses.

Redevelopment Project of the Western Area of Gifu Station (Gifu City Tower 43)

In the area west of Gifu Station adjacent to Active G, the 163 meter high Gifu City Tower 43 is presently under construction. It aims to create a symbol recognized by people all over Japan, a new lively space in Gifu City and a well-balanced urban residence.

Gifu City Tower 43 is a fusion of urban residences, commercial establishments, medical and welfare facilities, and a broadcasting station. It will be connected to the JR Gifu Station on the second floor with a pedestrian deck and walkway when completed, and its synergistic effect with Active G is greatly

More detailed information about Gifu City Tower 43 can be found here.

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